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Love this company, I've been with them for probably 10-15 years now. Shannon is always on her A game. NO matter how many times I ask her to send me a copy of my insurance card, she is on it! Very reliable and ever so often I call and ask how can we lower my costs and they always work with me or try to come up with ideas! Give them a shot!
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Kian Abghari

A great experience. My family has been working with them for over 20 years and they really go the extra mile. Very professional, responsive and a lovely staff. Highly recommend. Drive into the McDonald’s entrance and park by the building. I definitely missed it the first time around.
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Sue Jensen

Jon Moothart is very professional and I would recommend him as an insurance agent!
Moothart Insurance Agency, Inc. is committed to providing clients with the highest quality insurance plans available combined with some of the lowest possible rates. Whether you are shopping for auto insurance, home insurance, or business insurance, we can help you obtain the best coverage available with the lowest rate possible. 

All of us at Moothart Insurance Agency, Inc. truly value the long term relationship with our clients, and are proud to give families, individuals and businesses the personal attention required when it matters most. When claims arise, we realize that it can be very stressful and will do everything possible to assure timely and complete recovery.